9640 Cameron St, Burnaby, BC V3J 1M2, Canada
+1 604 421 0364

Smoke & Vape Shop – One Stop Shop

At Pick ‘n Pay Smoke Shop & Vape Shop, we’ve got everything you could possibly need for all of your smoking and vaping needs! .

We strive to be everything a smoker could need – a Vape Shop, Head Shop, Smoke Shop and Convenience Store all in one in Burnaby, Vancouver, BC by Lougheed Mall. We’re known for the best variety in town! Our friendly staff is always helpful and approachable. We work hard to make sure everyone feels welcome.

As your one-stop shop for all smoking products, our inventory features everything you could possibly dream of: Vaporizers, e-cigrettes, Vape Pen, flavors pods( Vuse,Juul, Allo Pods, Relx, Penguin,Stlth), Penguin Pods, Allo Disposable Vape, Penguin Stick Disposable Vape, iQos Heets Cigarettes, bongs, dab rigs, water pipes, bubblers, hookahs, bangers, all Smoking accessories, cigars, Cigarettes, Organic Cigarettes, Natural Cigarettes, shisha, Colts Swedish Snus, Siberia snus, Bull dog , Chewing Tobacco, Face Mask , Cbd oil, CBD oil for pets, rolling paper, blunts, baggies, digital scale and more.

As a corner Store we sell beverages & Candies from USA, Mexico & Europe.
Gabriel Potvin
Stuff may seem expensive here but they do have the best. Interesting gadgets and an incredible selection of snack foods & drinks that are difficult to come by... at least in Canada. Plus, they usually have, if you can believe it, Backwoods' Honey Berry cigars. Friendly atmosphere, superb selection - do recommend.
Athanasius e
only place I buy any smoke accessories / supplies. very good prices and quality. finally found a place that has the stuff i need and it wont break after 1 month. everything i bought i still have at this point i only buy to try out new pieces. very knowledgeable owner and huge variety of items to choose from. 5 stars for sure
Dopamine Flowz
I've had nothing but awesome experiences shopping here. So many unique items and the employees are so nice. Love supporting this kind of business.
The owner of pick-n-pay does a great job. He sources some cool items from the US that you normally wouldn't find in Canada. Super nice and knowledgeable.