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Smoke & Vape Shop – One Stop Shop

At Pick n Pay Smoke Shop & Vape Store, we’ve got everything you could possibly need for all of your smoking and vaping needs! .

A smoke shop is a retail establishment that specializes in the sale of tobacco products, including cigarettes, cigars, pipes, snus( like Oden, Bulldog, Siberia) and rolling paper. Head shop may also sell other smoking accessories, such as bongs and dab rigs, Vaporizer. Similarly in recent years, smoke shops have also begun to sell Electronic cigarettes, disposable vape(Allo, Gblast, Elf Bar) pens and other vaping products.

Whether you’re a regular smoker or a first-time customer, a smoke store can provide you with everything you need to enjoy your smoking experience. From cigarettes and cigars to bongs and dab rigs, smoke shops have something for everyone. So if you’re looking for a new smoke store or vape shop near you, be sure to check out your local smoke shop today.

Hence, we strive to be everything a smoker could need – a Vape Shop, Head Shop, Smoke Shop and Convenience Store all in one in Burnaby, Vancouver, BC beside Lougheed Mall. We’re known for the best variety in town! Our friendly staff is always helpful and approachable. We work hard to make sure everyone feels welcome.


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