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Hookah Shisha

Are You Looking For Hookah Shisha near you?

If certainly, then you will be happy to know that your search for hookah shisha is ended here. Since by anyhow, you are on your destination platform because Pick N Pay is not only providing the best hookah but also offering its equipments too. In the upcoming segments, this blog is going to discuss hookah shisha as well as introduce you with their various different shaped hookahs. 


Basically, hookahs shisha are water pipes that are uses smoke specially made tobacco, but it comes in different flavors, such as, cherry, apple, mint, licorice, chocolate, coconut, cappuccino, and watermelon.

Moreover, a modern hookah also contains a metal head with holes in the bottom, a flexible hose and water bowl with a mouthpiece. Hookah smoking is usually done in groups, because, with the same mouthpiece being passed around. 

Here are the fundamentals of hookah

Shisha come in a variety of sizes and styles, but most have a head, metal body, water bowl, and flexible hose with mouthpiece.

The flavored smoke is inhaling through the hose and pass from person to person, typically in groups.

Hookah uses charcoal to heat the tobacco mixture known as hookah shisha, but, it is pronounced She-shuh.

Argileh, hubble-bubble, and goza are all terms for hookah.

Steam stones and battery-powered hookah pens are two newer types of hookah. But, both of these produce vapor, which is inhaled. In hookah, there is flavored use in it.  And there are two type of flavors in it.

Here it is!!

  • Herbal Flavor
  • Non-herbal flavor

Herbal flavor is made up of organics natural products just as apple, mango, etc. but, non-herbal flavor have tobacco in it along with natural products.

Most of the people prefer hookah, because, it works as stress buster as well. However, some people get addicted to it because it mitigates the stress and tensions.

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