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Smoking Products

As a Smoke Shop & Head shop we sell wide variety of smoking products & accessories including digital scale, baggies, grinders, electric grinder, Boveda (humidity control), butane, zippo lighter, torch lighter,bong Cleaner, vacuum chamber, vacuum pump, rolling tray, rolling paper, juicy flavor rolling paper, king palm hemp wrap, blunt paper, hemp wrap,backwoods, smoke buddy, smoke odor candles, torch lighter, hand pipe, bubbler, nectar collector, rolling machine, one hitter, dugouts and much more.

If you are a smoker, but, you’re still using a matchbox or simple lighter, then you are not an alluring smoker. A lighter with a beautiful body as well as fame looks so cool when you are firing your smoking item. So, for enhancing your style, you can go with torch lighter or zippo lighter. 

Moreover, with this modern lighters, you need to upgrade your ashtray too. Because if you use an ordinary ashtray in this developing era, it will sound awkward. Just made up your mind and have a look on stylish ashtray which is displayed below. 

For people, who love to roll the paper, Pick N Pay Smokes is introducing the raw rolling papers in various flavors. Some of the flavors are listed below. 

  • Orange
  • Pineapple
  • Black magic
  • Root beer
  • Very cherry
  • Milk chocolate
  • Watermelon
  • Blueberry
  • Bubble gum

But, this is not the end of flavor options, there are some more as well. To know about them, you can scroll down. 

Apart from the paper rolls, they also deal in rolling tray, raw cones as well as in raw tips too. 

If you are willing to buy any of these smoking products, just follow up the ordering procedure. Before it gets too late, since only limited quantity is available. 

Smoking Accessories, Burnaby smoke shop
Smoking Accessories
Zippo Lighters
Zippo Lighter
Smoking Wooden Pipe
Wooden Pipe
Torch burnaby
Torch Lighter
Smoking odor candles
Odor Candles
Baggies | apple Bags
Silicone container
Silicone Container
Dugout - One Hitter
All in One dougout
All in one dugout
orange Chronic vancouver burnaby
Orange Chronic
Electric Grinder
Electric Grinder
Raw Cone - Smoke Shop Burnaby Lougheed
Raw Cones
Smoke Buddy
Smoke Buddy
Raw Rolling Papers ,Cones and tips
Raw Paper, Cones & Tips
Rolling Tray
Rolling Tray
Nag Champa Incense
Nag Champa Incense
Empty Catridge for Dab
Dab empty Catridge
Raw & Elements tips
gandalf pipe
Gandalf Pipe
Rolling paper smoke shop near me
Shine Paper & Shine Cone
Shine Rolling Paper & Shine Cone
Shine Rolling paper vancouver
Boveda Humidity control
Boveda - Humidity Control
Trailer Park Boys
Trailer Park Boys
Vacuum chamber & Pump
Best Value Vac Vacuum chamber & Vacuum Pump
Vacuum chamber, Vacuum Pump
Vacuum Chamber
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