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Snus | Snuff

Colts, Siberia Snus – Chewing Tobacco

Siberia Snus /Copenhagen / Skoal & Colts Snus

Chewing tobacco, Siberia Snuff, McChrystals Snuff, Colts Snus, Copenhagen, and Skoal available at Pick N Pay Smokes & Vape store, Burnaby, Vancouver.BC

About Snuff/Snus

Basically, snuff is a smokeless tobacco prepares from tobacco leaves that have finely powders or crushes. It is inhaling or “sniffing” (sometimes spelled “snuffing”) into the nasal cavity, producing a quick hit of nicotine and a long-lasting perfumed smell (especially if flavoring has been blended with the tobacco).

For consuming this, you must be of 18+. Because in this there is tobacco. 

The quick intake of nicotine in snuff confirms its suitability as a smoking alternative. Switching from cigarettes to snuff reduces the risk of lung cancer, bronchitis, emphysema, and potentially even coronary heart disease.

If you’re also planning to jump to snuff, then Pick And Pay is here to aid you out. Because, if you wish to drop cigarettes, you have to move to snuffs. Since it is less harmful as well as it contains less tobacco. It is very stiffer to drop cigarettes, so, people switch to snuff. 

Pick N Pay smokes is serving in below listed items. 

  • Coltas snus
  • Siberia pouch
  • MC Chrystals snuff
  • Skoal chewing  tobacco. 
  • Copenhagen chewing tobacco

These are various type of snuffs, if you still have any confusion, then you can contact Pick N Pay for more information.

Colts Snus - Siberia Snus - Bull dog
Colts Snus
Skoal Chewing Tobacco
Copenhagen chewing Tabacco
Siberia-White-Dry - Colts-Snus
Siberia Nicotine pouch
mcchrystals snuff vancouver
McChrystals Snuff