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Looking for Vape store, Vape Shop, Smoke Shop or Head Shop around Vancouver Area? , Why go to downtown Vancouver, wasting time & gas & getting stuck in traffic when you get everything in Burnaby / Coquitlam at a lower price and wide selections. We have everything you could need for smoke , Vape & Extraction Needs
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One Stop Shop for All your Smoke, Vaporizers,Vapes & Extraction needs. 


Burnaby Vape Shop – Smoke Shop – Vape Shop Coquitlam



e-Cigarettes – Vaporizers – Vacuum Purge Kit –  Dab Rigs  – Bongs – Detox Drinks & Snus



Looking for Vape Store,Vape Shop, Smoke Shop, Head Shop or Convenience Store around Vancouver Area? , We have everything you could need for smoking, Vaping & Extraction Needs. We have large selection of e-cigarettes,Mods, Herbal Vaporizers ( Pax 2 / Pax 3 / Firefly 2  and many More), Oil Vaporizers( Vape Pens) , water pipes ( Bongs), Dab Rigs Vancouver, hookahs, Shisha, Vape Pen, Salt Nix ejuice, Vape Juice, Best Value Vac Vacuum Purge kit, bho oven, Detox drinks, Chewing Tobacco, Swedish Snus Vancouver, Herbs Grinder, Blunts Wrap,Fingerlings Monkey  and much more.



DISCLAIMER: Most of Our PRODUCTS ARE FOR TOBACCO SMOKING &/OR NOVELTY PURPOSE ONLY. *we have to enforce a strict 19 plus policy since all of our tobacco products are visible and tobacco fines are harsh. Some images may be classified as adult content. Follow all applicable laws when viewing this site.