Vapeur Extract & Holy Terp Pure

Vapeur Extract & Holy Terp Pure

Holy Terp Pure – ALL Organic / Vapeur eXtract


Only Available at Pick n Pay – One Stop Shop, Burnaby,Vancouver,BC


Vapeur Extract Ingredients:


Proprietary blend of PEG400 USP
Propylene Glycol USP
Flavoring Extract<
Mix at any ratio you desire, 1:1 is typical.  Heat under 120°F or microwave until extract dissolves, typical is 5-10s.


Holy Terp Pure:

All Organic
No Glycol
No Glycerin


With Holy Terp Pure you can liquefy and emulsify your concentrates without having to dilute your concentrate too much. You can use ratios as low as 0.1 mL Pure : 1 g of concentrate while still enriching it with terpenes.
Can be used as an additive or as-is with your extract or concentrate without ever worrying about separation.

“Pure” features a hint of everything, this allows the product to fully vivify your extract in what it’s missing.


Mix Pure with extract at 0.1 mL-0.5 mL : 1 g extract. 18 drops of “Pure” is equivalent to about 0.5 mL. Stir under 120°F until the extract dissolves.
0.1 mL : 1 g of concentrate is perfect for concentrates that are a honey / syrup consistency at room temperature.

0.5 mL : 1 g of concentrate is perfect for concentrates that are completely solidified at room temperature.


Proprietary Organic Blend



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