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What is a Hookah?

For centuries, people have smoked from tobacco water pipes but they called these hookahs. Middle Eastern countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey are well known to use hookahs. These tobacco water pipes have long, ornately carved stems from which many hoses emerge. The idea is that when the bowl is lit, several people can enjoy the smoke at once. This makes the hookah a truly unique smoking experience, something enjoyed by several at once rather than being just a solitary activity.

Most hookahs are lavishly decorated and it’s not unusual to see gold and even jewels used in the decorated of the tobacco water pipe. In some countries, it’s seen as odd not to own one and the popularity of hookahs has even encouraged the opening of hookah lounges. These establishments sport several hookahs where customers can come to sample different flavors of tobacco. Sort of like a bar, it’s a bonding experience where many people can come and relax and smoke off the hookah.

It is important to clean your tobacco water pipe regularly. If you don’t clean your tobacco water pipe, you could affect the taste of the tobacco you use and it can also hinder your experience in other ways, such as making you sick. Change the water regularly and make sure you use a pipe cleaner on the hoses as well as the stem. Keeping your tobacco water pipe clean is seen as etiquette, especially if other people will be smoking off it.

Tobacco water pipes can be made from different materials. There are glass water pipes, plastic and even metal. The different materials can be cleaned but you must be careful of the cleaning agents you use to prevent damaging your tobacco water pipe. It’s best to just use warm water if you can get away with it as certain chemicals can damage your tobacco water pipe and that would be a shame, especially if you owned a beautiful, elaborate hookah.

Owning a tobacco water pipe is a special thing, as many people can become attached to theirs. Once they smoke from their tobacco water pipe, they would rather not smoke out of anything else. If you like smoking, and you like pipes, get a tobacco water pipe and you’ll likely never stray again.


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