Tips for beginners

Although hookah seems like it is a really easy pastime there are many things that go into hookah. By this  mean that there are many things you can do to set up your hookah and ways to make it smoke properly or more efficiently. There are many different ways to set up your hookah one way I like to set up my hookah is with ice. Yes ice, I like to put ice cubes in the base before I fill it with water. This cools the smoke and makes it more dense. There is a product that will make the smoke dense as well, this product is called diffuser beads. Diffuser beads are little hard plastic balls that stir around in the water as it percolates when you are smoking.

The smoke is diffused around the beads causing it to be more dense and smooth at the same time. Another tip is to freeze your hose. Freezing the hose for about five minutes makes the smoke cooler as well. Just make sure you are careful with your hose because frezing it can damage it. When cleaning your hookah after smoking a mint flavor try using watered down coffee. Coffee is very abrasive so use caution when cleaning with it. Coffee will strip your hookah of any after taste due to stagnant flavors. Mint flavors tend to stick to hookahs and will contaminate your next flavor if you dont clean it well after smoking. Always and I say Always keep your hookah clean. If you just let your hookah sit around without cleaning it you can damage it beyond repair. Metal parts will corrode and stick together and cause your hookah to malfunction. Your carb will stick and when you try to clear the base water will shoot up the stem and into your bowl instead of escaping from the carb. These are all mistakes I have made in the past. I work on so many projects and am so busy that sometimes I forget to clean my hookah but that ended in a damaged hookah. The best time to clean your hookah is when the bowl cools down to room temperature, this will ensure you do not get burnt and you do not damage your bowl. Also if your hookah gets stuck together it will be impossible for you to break it down to store it.

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