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Backwoods Vancouver

Backwoods Blunts - Cigar Vancouver,BC

Smoking Accessories – Blunt Wrap, Rolling Paper,Backwoods Vancouver



Shine Gold Rolling Paper & Shine WrapWe Sell smoking accessories i.e Shine Gold Rolling Papper, Shine Blunt wrap, Juicy Blunt wraps, Backwoods Blunts,Swisher Sweet Cigarillos, Phillies Blunt, Rolling Papers, Organic Rolling Papers, Juicy Bluntarillo, Juicy Hemp Wrap, Raw Rolling Papers, Pure Hemp, Elements Rolling Paper,  Juicy Jay 20 Different Flavored Papers and Juicy Jay Bluntarillo (Blunt Wrap) with 8 flavors, Raw Rolling Paper tips, Hemp Wick and Many more.



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We also Carry Blunt Bubbler – Watch the Video

How to USE Blunt Bubbler