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Dab Rigs – Oil Rigs & Accessories. Burnaby,Vancouver, BC



As a Head Shop & Hemp Store, we carry wide selection of BHO accessories like dab rigs, Oil Rig Bongs, Vape Rigs, Quartz Bangers, Butane, Nectar Collector, Silicon dab rigs, Yocan Ultron Enail, Oil Stick Pads, oil attachments, adapters, dabbers, glass nail, titanium nail, highly educated Titanium Nail, Domeless Nails, Domeless Concentrate Bowl, Oil Extractors, Glass extractors, Budder Bong, Oil rig Bong, Dabber bong, Carb Cap, Concentrate Pipe and all accessories.


DISCLAIMER: Most of Our PRODUCTS ARE FOR TOBACCO SMOKING &/OR NOVELTY PURPOSE ONLY. *we have to enforce a strict 19 plus policy since all of our tobacco products are visible and tobacco fines are harsh. Some images may be classified as adult content. Follow all applicable laws when viewing this site. ALL units are intended for LEGAL purposes only.