Oil Rig Bong - Domeless Titanium Nail, head-shop, Vancouver,BC


Oil Rig – Dabber Bong, Vacuum Purge, Bho. Burnaby,Vancouver, BC

As a Head Shop & Hemp Store, we carry wide selection of BHO accessories like OIl Rig Bongs, Butane and we also sell Rosin Press ( Hash Oil Extracting tool), Vacuum Chamber, Vacuum Purge, Vacuum Pump, Vacuum Oven, Digital Heating Pad, Close Loop System,  Yocan Ultron Enail, Oil Stick Pads, oil attachments, adapters, dabbers, glass nail, titanium nail, highly educated Titanium Nail, Domeless Nails, Domeless Concentrate Bowl, Oil Extractors, Glass extractors, Budder Bong, Oil rig Bong, Dabber bong, Carb Cap, Concentrate Pipe and accessories for dabbing and smoking oils and concentrates.

Now We Sell PureTane Triple Refined Butane (99.9998% Pure) for only $95.99+ Per case , Colibri Butane, 5 x FasFil Premium Butane and Clipper 12 loop refined Butane. We also sell Butane in Master Case

ALL units are intended for LEGAL purposes only, to be used in accordance with local laws and ordinances. Use only in extremely well ventilated areas. Check with your local fire marshal for guidance when operating indoors

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