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Juul Vancouver - JUUL Pods Vancouver

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Juul Vancouver - JUUL Pods

Juul Pods Vancouver

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What is a JUUL device?

JUUL is an easy to use vaporizer designed for adult smokers looking for a genuine alternative to smoking cigarettes. The body of the device contains the battery (which has been through rigorous stress testing), patent pending temperature regulator and a set of sensors to give readings on the device’s charge level and to sense when you are vaping.


The atomizer comes contained inside the JUUL pods, which carry our proprietary JUUL salts, an e-liquid formula based on nicotine salts rather than free base nicotine. The benefit of the JUUL salts is that you get a fresh coil in each pod so you don’t have to replace it, and no setup is required. The JUUL device is rechargeable via a magnetic USB charger and takes roughly one hour to charge fully. Pods click into the top of the JUUL device, and also serve as your mouthpiece.


What is a JUUL pod?

A JUULpod is the cartridge that clicks into the top of the JUUL device.

JUUL pods contain a proprietary salt-based nicotine e-liquid formula, which is mixed under strict quality-controlled processes, and is intended to help satisfy smokers when transitioning from cigarettes.



Propylene Glycol and Glycerine  (30/60 Mix)

(UP TO 90%)

Propylene glycol and glycerine are clear liquids that are used to create a visible vapor, and are commonly used by the medical, beauty and food industries. A majority, if not all e-liquids, contain propylene glycol (PG).



Nicotine is a stimulant that comes from the tobacco plant. We use highly purified/USP grade/pharmaceutical grade nicotine.


Benzoic Acid

Benzoic acid is a naturally occurring ingredient, found in tobacco and other substances. When combined with nicotine as part of our nicotine salts formulation, it helps provide cigarette-like satisfaction.



JUUL flavours consist of both naturally occurring and artificial flavour ingredients which provide the specific taste profile for each flavour.