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Iolite & Wispr Vaporizer , Vancouver,BC

iOLITE 2.0 VAPORIZERS  ( Sorry Out of Stock )


Manufactured by Oglesby & Butler, the iolite Portable Vaporizer requires absolutely no flames, cords, wires or batteries. It allows you to vaporizer anytime and anywhere in less than 45 seconds. The iolite original exploded onto the portable vapor market as the first butane powered vaporizer. Iolite is small and lightweight unit is discreet enough to be used nearly anywhere without bringing attention to yourself. the iolite original is guaranteed to blow you away.

✓ New Version – improved Design & Efficiency
✓ Complete Portable
✓ Quick heat-up Time – Less than 45 seconds
✓ No Wires, Flames, Cords or batteries
✓ Simple to operate
✓ 2 year Warranty



The WISPR is Olgesby & Butler’s second-generation portable vaporizer. This amazing little device features a patented butane energy source that delivers vapor more efficiently when compared to other handheld vaporizers. Firing up the WISPR takes just two clicks and sustains for three continuous hours at any angle.

The WISPR comes equipped with tuck-away silicone mouthpiece, visible butane gauge and bi-metal regulator that is thermostatically controlled for optimal vaporization temperature.

✓ Complete Portable
✓ No Wires,Cords or Flame
✓ Simple to Operate
✓ Variety of colors
✓ Quick Heat-up Time
✓ 2 Years Warranty