Dr. Dabber Boost Oil Rig

Dr Dabber Boost - Vancouver,BC

e Nail Dabber - eNail - dNail, Vancouver,Canada

Electric eNail - Dab eNail vancouver.bc

Boost by Dr Dabber & eNail Dabber by Menova

Dr Dabber Boost – Portable Torchless Electric Rig. Battery Powered and all electric. Bring Boost wherever you go for a true portable dabbing experience without any sacrifice.


Dr. Dabber Boost represents the next generation in the Boost lineup. The Boost produce satisfying vapor clouds without the need for torches, butane or flames.  With its portable water filtration and low-profile matte black finish. it is a super-stealthy device.


The Dabber Boost features a modular heating element design, titanium domeless nail, magnetic connections, and large replaceable nails. This device is great for desktop or on-the-go use.


Titanium Nail:

Heats in under 30 seconds and capable of 50-60 uses on a single charge.
Water Filtration included Glass water attachment provides cool, flavorful dabs.

Dr. Dabber Case include Premium hard shell case safely holds Boost, 2 x nails, magnetic carb cap, Magnetic loading tool, 2x Silicone Containers, & Usb Cable.