Rescue Ice Detox Drinks - Whizz Kit


Utest - Drug Test-Thc - CocRescue ice Detox Drinks like Mega Clean Detox, XXtra Clean, Ready Clean, Absolute Detox, Rescue 5 day detox,  Rescue Ice detox, The Whizz Kit(Refillable Urine Novelty Kit), Ultra Wash (Saliva Cleansing Mouth Wash) and Testing Strips Utest (1 panel / 3 panel / 5 Panel) only at Pick N pay Smokes – Head Shop – Hemp Store, Burnaby,Vancouver,BC






*All Products are not Intended for any iLLegal Purposes, Please Follow All State & Federal Laws while using these products. All Products are intended as a Novelty Items.


*This Product is not intended to be used to defeat Lawfully administered a drug test.

Whizz Kit - Detox Drinks

Whizz Kit - Fake Urine , Vancouver.BC

Mega Clean - Xxtra Clean Detox Drinks

Mega Clean - Xxtra Clean - Detox Drinks, Burnaby, Vancouver.BC

5 Day Detox - EverClean - Rescue Ice

5 Day Detox - EverClean - Rescue Ice , Detox, Burnaby, Coquitlam,BC